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A Mindful Adventure & Women's Retreat

ZaZa Ali & Al Khemi Sanctuaries Present ~
Living Out Loud: A Journey to Rejuvenate the Spirit
Sedona, AZ
November 2-6, 2018

Limited space is available! This event will sell out so be sure to secure your spot!

This is an all expense paid retreat; Including the following -

  • Transportation to & from Sedona, AZ (from Phoenix)
  • Luxury Gift Basket including workbook, meditation cd & other novelties
  • 4 nights / 3 days at 4 star hotel & spa
  • Discounted rate on spa services
  • Detox, Cleansing & Wellness Consultation
  • Reiki Energy Massage OR Ayurveda Session
  • Workshops / Presentations by ZaZa Ali & Nwasha Edu ~ Love, Healing & Well-Being, focusing on Heart & Mind Cohesion
  • Al Khemi Sanctuaries ~ Sacred Ceremony
  • Guided Qi Gong, Meditation & Yoga Sessions
  • Hiking; Star Gazing
  • Opening & Closing Dinner; Saturday & Sunday Breakfast

Interested? Contact us at for more information.

See you in Sedona!

A Mindful Adventure & Women's Retreat

Al Khemi Sanctuaries

Al Khemi Sanctuaries

~ Abundance ~ Love ~ Wealth ~ Fun ~ Laughter ~ Peace of Mind ~

We’ve been conditioned to believe that “Life if too short”. We carry burdens from our past that hinder our progress. As Women we place the world on our shoulders while leaving our well-being behind, embracing our strength as the back bone of society while neglecting our right to be happy.

Well, it’s a new day.

Not only are we living in a time where knowledge is unlimited, we are blessed to be witnesses of a mass movement in consciousness. The flood gates have opened to spark the deepest curiosities of the Mind. Spiritual Guidance answers the call of our yearning through the Wisdom of Sages, old & new. Motherhood has entered a new phase, where Women are just as concerned with nurturing themselves as they are with caring for their loved ones.

Al Khemi Sanctuaries welcomes you to join us for a Mindful Adventure meant to Cultivate a Deeper Understanding of Womanhood. Under the direction of ZaZa Ali, we offer a journey for your Spirit to be Revitalized, Mind Reinvigorated, & Path Refocused as we cultivate a proper understanding of the Divine Feminine Principle.

Along with the Mental, Spiritual & Emotional guidance of ZaZa Ali, we welcome Sister Nwasha Edu, a Relationship Empowerment Coach. Her emphasis on culturally based coaching, counseling & concentration on the “Art & Science of Black Love” will help to nurture our path to Self Love & Spiritual Awakening.

In Honor of the Four Elements that carry forth the Essence of this Life we embrace: Earth, Water, Air & Fire, our goal is to stimulate the Four Elements that serve as the foundation for our Healing ~ Mental, Spiritual, Emotional & Physical Well-Being.

To this end we offer ~

Daily guided Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation & Immersion in the Natural elements of Savannah, GA
Wholesome / Soulful Nourishment (food) for the Body
Reiki / Energy Massage / Consultation
Hip Bath / Herbal “V-Steam” Treatment & Consultation
Sacred Healing / “Al Khemi” Ceremonies
Reflections & Introspection on Love, Healing & Motherhood with the Guidance of ZaZa Ali & Nwasha Edu


Join us as we Learn, Laugh, Grow & Prosper ~ Together.

• Making Peace with Your Past
• Affirming Your Identity
• Reclaiming Your Mind
• The Power in Authenticity
• The Power of Sisterhood
• Healing & Cultivating High Vibrational Relationships
• Understanding Vibrations, Frequency & Energy
• The Science of Sex
• The Divine Feminine Principle

Contact for pricing, information on accommodations, and further information.

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