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Al Khemi Youth Retreats

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For the last 7 years I have dedicated my life to the edification of Black people, all over the world but particularly in America. For 3 years, starting in 2008, I voluntarily worked with teenagers in a California detention center, teaching workshops on life skills and overcoming adversity. In 2009 I started a group called Cooperative Economics - Support Black business, which brought in a cumulative total of more than $40,000 in purchasing power for Black business over the course of 18 months. In 2014 I started a group called Cooperative Economics - Support Our Schools, which financially adopted 7 African Centered schools across the US, donating more than $20,000 to date. In 2016 I started a group called the Sister Cypher Support Group which raised more then $9,000 for Black Women in nine months, and is expected to raise more than $25,000 in 2017. During the summer of 2016 I worked with teens at the Boys and Girls Club in Oakland, CA.

For nearly two years, from 2014 - 2015, I traveled across the US teaching and learning from our people, while simultaneously serving as co-host on a radio platform dedicated to raising the consciousness of the masses. For a short time I worked full time in radio, doing a three hour show 5 days per week, then 2 shows twice a week at night. My time in radio produced little monetary gain but allowed me to develop a close bond with the people who follow my work to this day. I am presently mentoring - directly and indirectly - girls and young women around the world. I pride myself on using all of my platforms to teach, reach and elevate our young people.

None of what I have accomplished could have been successful without the members of the aforementioned groups, those who rallied in support of me during difficult times, and the divine blessing of the creator / ancestors. I believe that with everything I have given, I have proven myself worthy of your support.

I’ve started this fundraising campaign to help me transition into this new phase of my work. The plan is to move forward with my company “Al Khemi Sanctuaries”, to provide “Nature and Knowledge” based retreats for our youth. I am asking for your support to help me in my mission to revitalize our children. Your donations will go directly towards our first youth retreat, which will sponsor 20 young black teenagers out of Oakland, CA age 13-19. We’ve planned a 4 day getaway, all expenses paid, to Lake Tahoe, CA for Spring Break of 2017. The balance of your donations will be used for future retreats that will serve the same purpose. We are looking to link up with local organizations in Atlanta (and other cities) who work with at risk youth, using the Lake Tahoe retreat as a blueprint for what’s to come.

Business Itinerary and list of expenditures available upon request.

I appreciate the love and support.

Sister Cypher Support Group

Sister Cypher Support Group

The Sister Cypher Support Group is an ongoing fundraising campaign supported by, and for, Black Women to financially support one another. Each month our members donate a minimum of $20 to another sister to assist them in advancing their career, family, health or life goals. In 2016 we were able to contribute close to $10,000 toward those goals; In 2017 we project our collective contribution to exceed $25,000. All donations go directly to group members, ZaZa Ali and our administrative support team work to ensure full participation, as well as the promotion of goals for individual members. For more information, please email

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