Teacher, Activist, Radio Personality, Self-Published Author

ZaZa is a Mother, Teacher, Activist, Radio Personality and Self-Published Author. Her first book, entitled Black Matters, Volume One – The Scientific Intervention in Our Affairs, was released in May of 2015. Volume Two – Plagues of Dysfunction, was released in December of 2016. Her third and final edition of the trilogy “Black Matters,” entitled “Lifting the Veil on Racism and White Supremacy” is set to be released early 2019. A frequent speaker on behalf of women and children, ZaZa has done extensive research on the cultural norms impacting the Black community, as well as the global dichotomy of racism and its impact on the human family. Her popular and growing presence on social media, fueled by what some consider controversial perspectives, has aided in her work to implement programs for privately owned schools as well as provide financial assistance for small business owners. The message to audiences of every demographic remains the same; Self-Accountability and an Emphasis on Truth, Spiritual Development and Service to Others is the key to (R)Evolution.
The Scientific Intervention In Our Affairs – Addressing Chemtrails, Genetically Modified Foods, Vaccinations, Organ Trafficking, Eugenics, Biological Warfare and a host of other topics pertaining to Science as a Weapon.

Plagues of Dysfunction – Addressing Feminism, Balancing out Male / Female Relationships, Lack of Self-Accountability in Black Communities, Economic Suicide, and a host of other topics festering beneath the surface of the Black Struggle.

How to Eat to Live – Addressing the degenerative diet particular to American Society, while highlighting major corporations such as Monsanto, as well as other global government entities involved in matters such as the fluoridation of public water, poisoning and tainting water use facilities, and the refusal to label genetically modified foods.

The Commercialization of Consciousness – Addressing the use of media propaganda using mediums such as pop culture, hip hop and other musical genres, modern technology, social media and other manipulative tools to weaken the moral fabric of modern culture, particularly impacting the youth.

Science As A Weapon – Addressing the use of the earth’s electromagnetic field by way of HAARP, Chemtrails and Geoengineering, as well as radio frequencies and microwave weapons, to inhibit the neurological growth of the Human Brain, the development of the electromagnetic field of the Human Heart, and the potential of the Human Mind.

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