Teacher, Activist, Radio Personality, Self-Published Author

Ranging from College Campuses to Juvenile Detention Centers, ZaZa has gained the reputation of a fiery, passionate lecturer and presenter of topics ranging from Spiritual Consciousness to the use of Science as a weapon.

As an avid researcher, ZaZa’s career as a public speaker spans the course of more than seven years, highlighting the breadth of knowledge born from her extensive studies.

Her most popular presentations include but are not limited to – “The Science of Self; Keys to Manifesting Your Reality”, “The Scientific Intervention in Our Affairs”, “Black Women in Antiquity”, and “The Genetic Modification of the Human Mind”. As an advocate for Women & Children, ZaZa prides herself on speaking from the feminine perspective while continuing to press the issue of Knowledge of Self.

The message to audiences of every demographic remains the same; Self-Accountability and an Emphasis on Truth, Spiritual Development and Service to Others is the key to (R)Evolution.

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