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“Mercury is the most poisonous element known to man. The only exception would be the radioactive elements – which so far, don’t apply to dentistry. The dictionary defines the word “amalgam” as a mixture of metals with mercury. In dental schools dentists are taught to do amalgam fillings to repair teeth. These fillings contain 52% mercury.” – Dr. Paul Genung, DDS

These fillings are being placed into the mouths of billions of people around the world without informed consent. Informed consent is permission granted with the knowledge of possible consequences, typically that which is given by a patient to a doctor for treatment with full knowledge of the possible risks and benefits. Question – do you have metal fillings, or amalgam fillings in your mouth right now? If so, did your dentist give you an explanation of the pros and cons of having this poison in your mouth, so that you could make an intelligent decision for your own safety? Of course not.

So what exactly was taking place in my mouth that was causing me to be tired all the time, to feel sick all the time, and to lose focus in my work and daily tasks?

“Mercury has a very unique property that many of us may have forgotten since the days that we learned chemistry in school. Mercury is liquid at body temperature. (Emphasis mine) Amalgam fillings may look solid, but when looking through a microscope one can see “gillions” of tiny globules of liquid mercury interspersed throughout the mouth. ALL (emphasis mine) liquids evaporate forming vapor and mercury is no exception.” – Dr. Paul Genung, DDS

In 1997, research done by Lorscheider and colleagues at the Universities of Calgary and Kentucky demonstrated that mercury vapor inhalation in rats produced a molecular lesion in the brain – similar to a lesion seen in 80% of Alzheimer-diseased brains.

Most behavior challenged children and adults have trace metal imbalances and abnormally high metal levels in the brain.

Fasting is one of the prescriptions for removing heavy metal toxins of mercury from your system. The health food supplement “Chlorella”, has been proven to help reduce heavy metals from the system. Studies show that chlorella is effective in ridding the body of cadmium as well as the negative impacts of radiation. is a great online resource for chlorella, chlorophyll, as well as an abundance of information on restorative measures to stay healthy. Bentonite clay is highly recommended for heavy metal detoxing. Taking frequent baths in water seeped with bentonite clay as well as adding the clay to your diet is great for pulling out impurities. Bentonite clay has a strong negative ionic charge which attracts heavy metals, toxins, harmful bacteria and pesticides. The clay naturally clumps in a way that binds with these toxins and prevents them from passing through the intestines to the bloodstream. is is my recommendation for a topical and ingestible form of clay. Cilantro is also highly recommended for detoxification from heavy metals.”

Quoted from “Black Matters” – The Scientific Intervention in Our Affairs by ZaZa Ali to get your copy. LOVE  #zazaali #wellness #abundance #eattolive #vaccines #mecuryfillings #heavymetaldetox


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