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Original article date December 29, 2016

White power is the United States Government; an entity that serves the best interest of the state even when headed by a Black man. The Federal Reserve is white power. The United Nations, the IMF, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Vatican, the Navy, the Army and Air Force – all institutions of white power.

Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America – all economic extensions of the machine. Wall Street is the headquarters; Standard and Poors’ works behind the scenes to falsify consumer protection; Equifax, Transunion and Experian work diligently to keep the slaves in check. Capitalism is the hallmark of this grandiouse system. Even poor whites who fail to benefit directly marvel at it’s tentacles, understanding that even if if it doesn’t happen this lifetime, their children’s children will eventually collect their inheritance.

MTV is white power. BET is white power. Mad dog 20/20, crack cocaine,...

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Original Article Date Jan 25, 2017

Let’s get the easy part out of the way. Donald Trump is detestable beyond anything my words can compose. He is swine, patriarchy, capitalism, gluttony and devil wrapped in a zoot suit that emulates human form. He may have money, but he is the poorest human being I’ve ever laid eyes on. A peasant in a $5,000 suit… unapologetically narcissist. Unfortunately for the world, his image and likeness is all too familiar in the grand scheme of global conditions. It’s ok when corporate titans are in Africa taking diamonds… it only becomes a problem when it hits too close to home. 

For 8 years the war has been Black v White. Black America was smoothly disarmed under the sweet jazz of Barack and Michelle Obama. They made change, very little for us. The new war is already on the horizon. There’s an internal struggle for power within white America – liberal v progressive, democratic v republican, man v woman....

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A few important factors to consider when deciding what type of water you purchase and / or consume:

Unfiltered tap water, or water from your home faucet, should be considered hazardous to your drinking health as it likely contains parasites, chlorine, fluoride and dioxins.

Dioxins are bi-products of the manufacturing process and can include herbicide production and paper bleaching. Fluoride has been placed in public drinking water under the guise of strengthening tooth enamel while being deemed as safe for consumption. In the US, 70% of public water supplies are fluoridated which equates to roughly 185 million people.

Fluoride has been proven to accumulate in the kidney’s which excrete (release through bodily fluids) only about half of the ingested fluoride. The remainder accumulates in the body, mostly in the bones and pineal gland. Fluoride has been found to reduce melatonin production and also leads to an earlier onset of puberty. Experiments done on animals have shown that...

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You can tell the difference between a Queen and a concubine. Well at least at one point in time you could. Today our perspectives on what constitutes womanhood seem cloudier than ever. Barbie, aka Nicki Minaj, put out a series of photos from a recent spread in paper magazine, for what I can only assume is promotion for an upcoming album and to “break the internet”. And just like that, the hoe (whore to be politically correct) culture scored another point for the home team. If that sounds raunchy to you, imagine the impact of the visuals on the minds of young people around the world. I know, I know, sex sales. And this my friends, is a perfect litmus test to differentiate a true musician from a genetically modified pop icon. The fact that Nicki continues to display behavior normally reserved for starving artists takes nothing away from her lyrical abilities or work ethic. It’s her decisions that have me scratching my head.

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The day I was born set an interesting precedence for what was to come in my life. Fresh out of my mother’s womb, what would normally be a celebratory ride home became a detour into California’s foster care system. The details are cloudy, but the story goes something like this – My white mother and black father were spotted by two Oakland police offers outside of the hospital arguing over why she shouldn’t carry my car seat. At that time – it’s certain that my father was seen as the aggressor, unable to keep things from escalating. The police intervened and I was taken into child protective services for the court system to sort things out. After about three weeks, my father was granted full legal custody.

While he did his best as a single parent, that day set the tone for life patterns that would manifest in different ways. During the course of my childhood I moved around a lot, staying with different family members as my father dedicated most of...

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“Mercury is the most poisonous element known to man. The only exception would be the radioactive elements – which so far, don’t apply to dentistry. The dictionary defines the word “amalgam” as a mixture of metals with mercury. In dental schools dentists are taught to do amalgam fillings to repair teeth. These fillings contain 52% mercury.” – Dr. Paul Genung, DDS

These fillings are being placed into the mouths of billions of people around the world without informed consent. Informed consent is permission granted with the knowledge of possible consequences, typically that which is given by a patient to a doctor for treatment with full knowledge of the possible risks and benefits. Question – do you have metal fillings, or amalgam fillings in your mouth right now? If so, did your dentist give you an explanation of the pros and cons of having this poison in your mouth, so that you could make an intelligent decision for your own safety? Of...

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I lost my way.

Found it, then lost it again.

My voice, my confidence – the surety of who and what I am.

My guidance system. Inner Being. Divine Compass. I lost it. Found myself stuck in a gray mass, gasping for clarity. Praying for relief from my own self accusing spirit. Paralyzed by the fear of unfulfilled potential. Limited. Frustrated. Scared.

I know what it feels like to be alone. Not to spend a day alone but to truly be alone. In the midst of chaos it’s the worst thing in the world. For the expansion of the soul it is a necessary path.

The louder the chorus of the world, the more difficult it becomes to hear one’s self.

I found my way. In heartache, pain, confusion and stress. In the dark, I found my way. Heard a voice deeper than the core of the earth speak through me. “Don’t fight, don’t struggle, don’t try, don’t ask for help. Just BE.”

Just Be. That’s all you got, Universe – Just Be? What does that even...

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