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Original Article Date Jan 25, 2017

Let’s get the easy part out of the way. Donald Trump is detestable beyond anything my words can compose. He is swine, patriarchy, capitalism, gluttony and devil wrapped in a zoot suit that emulates human form. He may have money, but he is the poorest human being I’ve ever laid eyes on. A peasant in a $5,000 suit… unapologetically narcissist. Unfortunately for the world, his image and likeness is all too familiar in the grand scheme of global conditions. It’s ok when corporate titans are in Africa taking diamonds… it only becomes a problem when it hits too close to home. 

For 8 years the war has been Black v White. Black America was smoothly disarmed under the sweet jazz of Barack and Michelle Obama. They made change, very little for us. The new war is already on the horizon. There’s an internal struggle for power within white America – liberal v progressive, democratic v republican, man v woman. Why in the hell Black women want to jump in that battle is bewildering to me… but that’s beside the point. When voting rights laws were passed it was Black men who were enabled with the right to vote before the white woman. Not because of a patriarchal manhood code… It was nothing more than strategy to improvise white power in the midst of transition. Whether white women had the right to vote or not, they still had the protection of the system that Black men were being killed to be a part of. They still do to this day. 

I maintain that the Obama presidency resurfaced that old cunning method of rulership – a strategy to improvise white power in the midst of transition. Think about Pre-Barack – George W. Bush. Post-Barack. Chump. There is something massive on the horizon. Bush had 9 1 1. God only knows whats yet to come.

In light of the mass outpouring of activists, scholars, celebrities, politicians and the like, in support of “Women’s March 2017” around the world, I have a few questions that deserve our attention. Why do you think that an interview from 2005, where chump can be heard bragging about grabbing women by the p*ssy, was released in 2016 – at the tale end of a controversial campaign against arguably the most popular woman in the world? Odds on Hilary at that point were probably 500-1. Who kept that footage under wrap, and who had the power to pull the trigger to make it go live? Had the outcome of the election already been determined at that point? It’s not so far fetched when you consider the broad margin of defeat in terms of the popular vote. What if those same minds calculated your frustration, your marches, your disgust… in order to be utilized at a later time? Does any of this have anything to do with the executive order signed today to defund International Planned Parenthoods? Of course it does. The goal? Disorganized chaos. 

You know what’s ironic? Patriarchy is the arch enemy of feminism, women’s rights, etc., Yet it’s really the only thing that seems to get these groups moving… It’s like sadomasochism… Where pain provides purpose… I would have loved to see millions of women march on Planned Parenthood when it was discovered that they were selling aborted fetal tissue on the black market…

Or organize a massive resistance in honor of the sexually trafficked girls around the world… Hundreds, if not thousands of them right there in DC.

I’d love to see a full scale conversation about promiscuity in teenage girls… in locker rooms giving blow jobs and sexual favors… 8 yr olds, 12 yr olds… They idolize your feminist pop stars… You know, the ones who shake their a$$es on stage while grabbing their crotch during a strip tease…

You support Planned Parenthood? Do you support abstinence? Do you support a culture that arms our daughters with tools to avoid abortion… or just the right to choose? In 2013 more Black babies were aborted than born in NYC… Cause for concern?

We can’t talk about equal opportunity and women’s rights if we don’t talk about the culture women have embraced that keeps us limited in power. We are born powerful. Giving birth amplifies that power… We squander it by jumping every time a werewolf howls at the moon. We diminish it by allowing women like #Maddona to take the stage and speak on our behalf… Sorry but you don’t represent me. You want men to take us serious? Don’t show up to a protest wearing a costume shaped like a vagina. Leave the pussy power t-shirt at home. Show up like you’re looking for respect… Not a party.

I honor everyone who participated in these events. I believe that most of you had good intent. I think you made a powerful declaration that women can come together in solidarity to make a statement about women’s rights. You gave a voice to deep seated frustration. How all of this will transfer to power remains to be seen. It is an undeniable FACT that we live in a world that uses, abuses, and disregards women and girls. It is also a fact that women abuse us too… Sometimes under the guise of girl power… Sometimes at the behest of mysogonistic men. 

Be careful not to walk into a trap in the name of revolution.

Complacency is Complicity.

A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her. Let’s think higher.

Peace to the Knowledge and Wisdom Seekers… #ZaZaAli



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