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Headline News | Episode 36 | July 27 2023
Topics Discussed: STD rates skyrocket across America | Florida and the Insurance Policy Crisis | Shein facing RICO charges for copyright infringement | FDA approves over the counter birth control with no age requirements | Amazon's Wireless Network and the IoT | France moves forward with extreme surveillance amidst protests | Bees suffer second deadliest season on record | Japan gets approval from the UN to release radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean | Sicily Wildfires being called "Lucifer" | Special Segment - Hollywood and Humiliation Rituals - Kanye, Drake, Doja Cat, Damar Hamlin, NBA Youngboy, Bronny James | That, and much more :) 2hrs in length. 
Spiritual Kung Fu... Continued | ZaZa Ali | July 11 2023
Topics Discussed: Humans or Multi Dimensional Beings | Vortexes of the Mind | Earth's Magnetic Field | Our Individual Contribution to the Collective Consciousness | Harnessing the Love Frequency | Belief and the Illusion | That, and more. 1 hr in length. 
Headline News Episode 35 | July 9 2023
Topics Discussed: MSG's 2.3 Billion Dollar Sphere Illuminates in Vegas on the 4th of July | Five G and the Thinning of the Veil | Woman claims to see a reptilian on AA Flight | Dutch Government Collapses | Wyoming approves AI Powered Surveillance System | Public Meltdowns and the Purge | Sudan Facing Lack of Cash and Bank Closures | Pop Culture and Mind Control | Jill Scott Remixes the National Anthem | Monuments to Modern and Ancient Gods | Affirmative Action, Cocaine in the White House and Threads | That, and much more. 2hrs in length. 
Topics Discussed: Perverting Sexuality in the School Systems | Jonathon Majors and the controversial Ebony magazine cover | Colorado Black Farmer faces extreme racism and receives support | History of Black Farmers in America | GI Bill after WWII and the impact on the housing industry | Marburg Virus in Guinea | Chemical spills, train derailments and the connection to Digital ID's | Burkina Faso Captain Traore is the youngest president in the world | Microsoft Chat Box and AI Simulations | Chicken Feed Conspiracy | Saudi Arabia is building the largest "downtown" in the world | That, and much more. 2 hrs in length :)
 Do We Radiate Our Insecurities?  ZaZa Ali | Feb 17 2023
The Kingdom Within Web Series Pt 1 
Topics Discussed: Part 1: Illuminati 2.0 | The NO-Vid Plandemic | P.C.R Tests & Masks | The S.pike P.rotein | Chem.Trails | Five Gee | W.orld E.conomic F.orum | Mass Psychosis & Mind Control | Hospitals: The Danger Zone & More... 2.30hr Total Watch Time :) 
The Kingdom Within Web Series
Pt 2 The Parasitic Nature of the Matrix

Topics Discussed: Energy Vampires | The Collective Consciousness | All Life is Frequency Based | {S}pike Protein & N.ano Tech | Impact on Lungs & Central Nervous System | Long Term C V D 1 9 | Graph.Ene Ox.ide | M.R.N.A Technology | War on Breath & Bl.ood | Self Replicating Inoculations | Magnetic Radiation | The Pineal Gland & Mind Control | Genocide in Rwanda & more :) 
The Anointed Ones 
Topics Discussed: How We Treat the World | Human Footprint | The Future Belongs to the Visionaries | The Algorithm is Creating Consciousness | Participatory Universe | The Standard for Spiritual Development | Spiritual Intuition & much more ... 1 hr 40 min in length :) 
The Anointed Ones pt 2
Topics Discussed: The Law of Polarity | The Last Shall Be First & The First Shall Be Last | The Magnetic Ones | How You Treat Yourself vs How You Treat the World | The Love Frequency has Requirements | Frequency Wars | The Upper Echelons of Consciousness & More... 1 hr 20 min in length :)
We Need Strong Minded, Strong Willed People
Service Oriented Beings | Trimming the Fat in Your Life | Having the Courage to go Against the Grain | Group Think | Making Choices from Your Authentic Self & More... 1hr in length :)
Chem.Trails Climate Change & Solar Engineering
HAARP | Weather Modification | Global Dimming | Sun / Energy Harvesting |  & More... 1.45hr in length :)
Self Confidence & Self Trust
Topics Discussed: The Inner Being | Higher & Lower Self | Intuition | Being Indecisive | Being Tethered to Dysfunction & More... 1hr Total Watch Time :)
"The Strong Black Woman"
Strong Vs Balanced | Historical Women | Strippers or Goddesses | Spiritual Warfare | Vulnerability is a Superpower | The Stigma of Being Strong & More... 1.35hr Total Watch Time :)
 The Illusion of Consciousness pt 1
Topics Discussed: Beyond Meat | Global Warming | Prison Reform | Abortion | Africa & Akon & More... 1hr in length :)
 Dimensions of Consciousness
Topics Discussed: Energetic Resonance | Religion | Light Detects Light | Beings of Light | Inner Knowing | What is Your Frequency | Infinite Possibilities | Writing & Fulfilling Prophecy & More... 1hr Total Watch Time :)
Dimensions of Consciousness pt 2 - Energetic Resonance | Infinite Possibilities | Dodging Spiritual Landmines | The Children of the Sun | Beings of Light | Self Control | Inner Knowing | SEE What You Want to SEE & More :) 
Use this meditation in the morning when you first wake up - to start the day off in the right state of mind. Also in the evening, take 10-15 minutes to stretch and move your body, while focusing on your breath which will synchronize the mind, body and spirit. 
Dissatisfaction Brings Change
Topics Discussed: Inner Poise & Spiritual Courage | Earth & Humanity Yearning for Change | Surface Dwellers | Living in the NOW | Your Vision for Self | Pt 1&2 1 hr in length :)
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